Young Person Code of Conduct

The Code for Young People

As an athlete, you have rights and responsibilities. The following code will help identify these for you – if you are not sure ask your parent or your Children’s Officer to explain them. This is your Code, whatever your ability or wherever you take part in the aquatics. You should follow the code and encourage others to do so too.

In our sport you should:
• Be happy, have fun and enjoy taking part and being involved in our sport
• Feel safe and secure when you are taking part in our sport
• Be listened to and have a chance to reply
• Be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect
• Have a voice in the decisions that affect you within the Club and Swim Ireland
• Say no to something which makes you feel uncomfortable
• Train and compete at a level that is suitable for your age, development and ability
• Know who you can talk to if you are upset or are uncomfortable in any way

Your responsibilities are to:
• Treat leaders, coaches, teachers, team managers, officials and parents with respect
• Respect other athletes and your opponents
• Do your best to achieve your goals; be gracious in not reaching your goals
• Be part of the team and respect and support other team members both when they do well and when things go wrong
• Never bully or use bullying actions against another person; you should never hurt other team members, athletes or your opponent, this includes never taking/damaging their property, never spreading rumours or telling lies about other young people or adults
• Take part in your sport without cheating; you are responsible for not cheating and must not allow others to force you to cheat
• Behave in a manner that is respectful towards your club, your region and Swim Ireland
• Never use violence or bad language; do not shout or argue with leaders, teammates or opposing participants – talk to someone if you are upset or angry or if someone has caused you to be upset or angry
• Set at a level for what you want to achieve with your parent and coach. You can then understand the commitment and attendance needed to achieve your goals
• Not take, or allow others to make you take, banned substances to improve your performance
• Keep to rules and guidelines set by Swim Ireland, the region and your club and make sure you understand the rules
• Abide by all additional Swim Ireland policies and protocols as introduced for clubs and regions

By ticking the box, you are agreeing to your Code of Conduct. Breaking this code of conduct may result in a complaint or disciplinary action through the Swim Ireland complaints and disciplinary process.