Swimmer Commitment Pledge

As per our Club Handbook, swimmers attend a maximum of 4 terms per squad CJ to C2 and 5 terms in B Squad, by which time swimmers are expected to have achieved their squad progression times (a list of these times can be found on our website).  Progression may also depend on other factors such as technique, age, space in receiving squad, behaviour, maturity, and is at the discretion of the Coaches.
Swimmers should attend a minimum of 2 galas per term for C Squad and a minimum of 3 galas per term for B and A Squad.  The targeted galas for each squad are advised to swimmers by their Coach directly.  Note:  Coaches may direct swimmers to deviate from this requirement for various reasons including galas scheduled in the term, injury, illness, etc. 
Squad attendance must be in excess of 75% per term.  
Swimmers who do not meet these requirements and fail to show reasonable and consistent progress may be asked to leave the club. 
I confirm that my swimmer and I have read and understand the above requirements.