Photography and Video Consent

Photography and Video Form

In accordance with the Swim Ireland Filming and Photography policy, the Club only permit photographs, video or other images of children/young people to be taken with consent.

Individual Permission Form for taking or use of images and/or video

Kilkenny Swimming Club request permission to photograph and/or record video footage of swimmer's and/or swimmer’s parents/guardians involvement with the Club for the purposes of publicising and promoting the club and/or sport.  Photographs/videos will be taken by an appropriate person appointed to do so by Kilkenny Swimming Club (Region/Swim Ireland).  Any images will be used, held and stored in accordance with the "Swim Ireland Filming and Photography Policy" as specified in latest version of the "Swim Ireland Safeguarding Children Policies and Procedures". No young person will be identified individually in any published image or film footage without prior consent from the parent/guardian.


I confirm that I give my consent to be filmed and/or photographed by the Club as set out above. 

If swimmer is under 18 the parent/guardian must also acknowledge and provide consent:

I confirm that I give permission for my swimmer to be filmed and/or photographed and confirm I am the legal parent/guardian of the young person captured by this agreement.  Any photographs and/or part of the video may be used in accordance with the Swim Ireland Filming and Photography Policy. I understand that Kilkenny Swimming Club may on occasion use these photographs on their Social Media channels (KSC Website, Facebook or Instagram).