Parental Participation Agreement

As a parent/guardian of a Kilkenny Swimming Club member, there are a certain number of mandatory duties that must be completed throughout the season.
  1. Parent on Duty (C Juniors and onwards)
  2. Regional and National Competition Duty – Every club must supply officials; this is based on the number of entries from that club. Parents/guardians of swimmers entered in these competitions will be included on the roster in order to assist with these duties.
  3. Club Competition/ Fundraising Duty – As a club we run a number of club galas and fundraising events throughout the season, with the proceeds going towards our day to day running costs. It is expected that all parents/guardians of participating swimmers assist in the running of club galas and D Squad swimmers' parents/guardians may required to assist in other fundraising events.
  4. Officials, Team Manager, Safeguarding and eVetting:  From C Juniors onwards, all parents are expected to seek Swim Ireland Vetting and complete Safeguarding (Sport Ireland), Team Manager, and Officials 1 courses (both available on  From C2 squad and up, parents are expected to complete the Officials 2 course.  Failure to acquire the necessary training levels will result in the relinquishing of the swimmers squad place and membership will be rescinded.

Anyone requiring further clarification on any of the above, please contact: [email protected]

I understand the above is compulsory for all parents and agree to meet these requirements.