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What Costs Are Involved?

Squad Members

Annual Membership Fee - there is a one-off Annual Membership Fee which for 2024 is £82.20.

Monthly Squad Fee - Squad Fees reflect the amount of pool time offered to different squads.

  • Cygnets - £55.00 per month
  • Swans Development  - £57.50 per month
  • Swans - £57.50 per month

Study Time Fees - We recognise that, when school or college exams come along, our swimmers need to prioritise their studies over swimming.  However, we also know that swimming can be a great way to relax and take your mind of things during what can be a stressful time.  We therefore offer a reduced rate of £20.00 per month for the months of April, May, June and July for all squad members who are in ...

  • Year 11 and studying towards GCSEs,
  • Year 12 and studying towards A Level mocks, and
  • Year 13 and studying towards A Levels.

Uni Holiday Fees - Are you leaving Swans to head off to Uni?  We would love for you to still swim with us when you are back during your holidays.  Come and take part in squad training for £5.00 a session up to a maximum of £20.00.

Teaching Scheme

The teaching scheme is a developmental process with most new students starting on 30 minute lessons and then moving onto 60 minute lessons as they improve their technique. The costs involved for 2024 are ...

  • 30 minute lessons - £90.00 for a 10 week term
  • 60 minute lesssons - £125.00 for a 10 week term.