Overview & Objectives

To further improve technique in all four competitive strokes thus enabling the swimmer to race with increased speed.

To teach swimmers to link all four strokes to form an individual medley.  

To increase swimmers' fitness, while ensuring they do not compromise technique over more extended distances. 

To continue to develop essential race skill such as dive and turns.

To enjoy the experience of being part of a swimming team and taking part in relays.  

To encourage swimmers to participate in regular competitions to develop their confidence at swimming events.  

Kit Required

Standard kit for swimmers is:

  • Training goggles that do not cover the nose (and spare)

  • A swimming cap (and spare)

  • Kickboard

  • Pullbuoy

  • Fins

  • Water Bottle

Squad Coaches

Derek Millar, Jenni Nelson

Training Sessions

For Dolphins training times please click here.