How to Join Swim Belfast

To find out more about the Club, our squads or arrange a swimming trial, please complete the enquiry form below.

Once complete we will contact you straight back and arrange for you to come along to the Club for an informal chat and swimming trial.  You will be given a specific time and location to attend, which is usually at the same time as one of our training session with an appropriate Squad.

The swimming trial is an opportunity for us to assess swimming skills and decide what Sqaud is best suited to the abilities, needs and swimming goals of the participant.  This is also a great opportunity for you and your family to ask any questions about our Club and discuss our training programmes and coaching methods.

What happens after my trial?

After the trial, you will be informed by the Coach told which squad we believe is most appropriate, along with more information about joining. 

Joining Policy

At our core we want Swim Belfast to be known for both its competitive ethos and supporting swimmers at all levels, including national on their aquatic journey. We aim to offer club swimming for a range of abilities and ages, providing appropriate environments for our swimmers from those learning to swim in our Aquastrokes programme to our competitive squads supporting swimmers up to national level and into Masters.

There are times when we have a higher demand for places than the Club is able to accommodate. If you have been assessed during a swim trial as eligible for joining the club we do hold a waiting list and will invite swimmers to join the appropriate squad as soon as a place becomes available.

The Club is not obliged to extend membership to any potential swimmer and we conform to the Swim Ireland policy in this respect. For any swimmer that is not deemed eligible to join the club at this time, the coaches will endeavour to provide feedback and point you in the right direction.