Safeguarding young people and athletes is an overarching ethos for Swim Ireland and for our Club and must be a priority for all adults working with and responsible for children.

This ethos is reflected in the Swim Ireland Safeguarding Children Policies, rules and in the mandatory requirements for members and Clubs where involved with young people.

The Swim Ireland Youth Development Department liaises with Club Children’s Officers and other relevant people working in Clubs, helping and supporting all members with the implementation of safeguarding requirements.


Club Children’s Officer

Every club must appoint a Club Children’s Officer (CCO) with a minimum of two CCOs recommended. In a mixed gender club, it is desirable to appoint a CCO of each gender.  The committee of the club in agreement with the CCOs must appoint one CCO onto the committee – this person is known as the Lead CCO.


Club Children’s Officer Role

  • Comply with Swim Ireland recruitment policy
  • Ensure the club, coaching staff and the committee considers a safe, child centered environment in activities and undertakings
  • Advocate for safeguarding policy within the club
  • Voice for young people in the club, co-ordinating opportunities for young people to express views and opinions
  • Ensure young people are treated fairly and with equity
  • Ensure young people in the club know how to contact a CCO
  • Designated Liaison Person (DLP) for the club responsible for reporting concerns, disclosures or allegations of abuse to the statutory authorities
  • Assist the committee with the Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment documents

The Role of the Club Children's Officer


Our Club Children's Officers are:

Carmel McElory [email protected]  (086) 8172977

Alan Clogher 



Club Child Safeguarding Statement

Club Risk Assessment 

Swim Ireland Safeguarding

Swim Ireland Safeguaring Policies