Person on Duty

Under Swim Ireland rules it is a requirement that a person is present on poolside for all swimming and land training sessions, when the swimmers are under 18 years of age. This is designed to protect both the swimmer and the coach/teacher and needs to be adhered to at all times.

All pool and dry land session will be supervised in accordance with Swim Ireland policy. All parents are expected to help with the supervision rota

  • The rota will be organised in advanced by the Club Children’s Office (CCO) and communicated to all involved – an email copy of the rota is sent to members and a copy is put on noticeboard at the pool.
  • A Person on Duty rota will be issued per term.
  • The coach/teacher must be able to rely on the person on duty being present. An individual on the rota is responsible for their own replacement in the event they cannot fulfil their obligation; a session cannot proceed without the Person on Duty.
  • Contact details for all individuals are available to coaching/teaching staff concerned by contacting the club secretary (these details will be kept confidential and only available for those that need them)
  • The person on duty must be over 18 and may be an older member of the club i.e., it does not need to be a parent. However, an athlete may not be the person on duty for their own session or squad.
  • The parent/supervisor should arrive (minimum 15 minutes) before the session starts and make themselves known to the coach/teacher in charge. They must register attendance by checking in all the swimmers on the Attendance Sheets.
  • The parent/supervisor should have a full view and hearing of the pool area at all times
  • The person on duty should not interfere with the safe coaching or teaching of the session. However, if a young person is in imminent danger the issue must be dealt with immediately
  • Concerns should be brought to the coach or teacher in charge of the session or the Children’s Officer following a session
  • The person on duty is required to remain until all the young people have been collected.

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