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What Does The Committee Do?
The Committee of St Neots Swans is responsible for managing the Club, including its finances, and ensuring that it follows the rules of its Constitution and those of Swim England.  It consists of elected members who are voted in every year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Committee is made up of 11 members, 3 of which are the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary, known as the Executive Members.  Other Committee members hold roles that support the efficient running of the Club. All Committee members are volunteers and typically are parents of swimmers in the club.
Our current Committe members are ...
Paul Thomson-Clark

Role | Chairperson and Officials Officer

Joined The Club | I became involved with the Club in 2019 when my eldest daughter Georgie joined the Teaching Scheme a few years earlier.  I just wanted to do something to support a great asset in our local community having been a swimmer myself when I was at school.  Now my youngest daughter Phoebe also swims with Cygnets and Georgie has progressed to become a Swim Teacher.  I became the Club Secretary in 2021 and Club Chairperson in 2023.

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Hemendra Dassanayake

Role | Club Secretary

Joined The Club | In 2019, my son Mathisha, joined the Club with a primary goal of enhancing his fitness.  Over time, he has advanced to the Swans squad.  The Club has brought us valuable friendships and the joy of celebrating the swimmers' accomplishments.  The Swans Club thrives thanks to the dedicated time volunteered by exceptional individuals.  Inspired by their commitment, I chose to join the Committee in October 2023 and give back to the Club.

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Patrick Ormston

Role | Club Treasurer

Joined The Club |  

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Caroline Cummins

Role | Membership Officer & Club Shop Manager

Joined The Club | I swam for Swans myself from 1991-2000 and now years later my son Lewis has got into swimming and joined the Club in January 2020. When swimming started back up after lockdown I decided to join the Committee and currently organise the Clubs second-hand shop for swimming kit and help with any fundraising events. My other son Thomas has now joined his brother to enjoy all the fun of being part of this great Club. I've also been enjoying getting back in the pool myself by taking part in the Masters swim session at Bedford on a Sunday.

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Christian Needham

Role | Welfare Officer

Joined The Club | My son Josh joined the Teaching Scheme in 2011 and still swims in the Squad.  I became a Welfare Officer in March 2020 as the club didn’t have a male representative on the Committee.  As a Police Officer at the time I felt that I had a suitable skill set to offer the Club.  I have completed the Swim England Safeguarding, Protecting Children and Time To Listen courses.

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Nicola Pearson

Role | Welfare Officer

Joined The Club | My son joined the Club in October 2021 so I joined the committee to help out. I have since taken on the Welfare Officer role for females within the club.  I have completed the Swim England Safeguarding Course and have a background in supporting the needs of young people.

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Louise Ormston

Role | Committee Member

Joined The Club | My daughter Natalie and Son Matthew joined the Teaching Scheme in April 2018 and progressed through Cygnets.  Natalie continues to swim in the Squad Team.  I joined the Committee in February 2019 as I wanted to be involved with this amazing Club. In July 2019 I completed a Timekeepers course so I could help out at events including the Swans Club Championships. In March 2020 I was involved with the SwimMark Accreditation process. For the last 3 years I have been involved with fundraising to raise funds to help purchase the latest equipment the Club needs to ensure our swimmers have the best experience possible.



Lisa Ruffles

Role | Committee Member

Joined The Club | I started Swans at the age of 10 and continued through to 18, I loved the club, and it took me right through my teenage years,  making life long friends. So when I had children I wanted them to experience the same as I did, while learning an essential life skill.  My son Max joined when he was 8 years old and then my Daughter Evie joined at 8 and lastly Anya has joined. All have loved it and has given them the skill to work hard and be a team player. Its a wonderful club which I am proud to be part of.



Sam Woolsey

Role | Club Championships Officer

Joined The Club | My son Ethan finished swimming lessons, joined the Teaching Scheme and progressed to join the Club.  He absolutely loves swimming and the Club!  I joined the Committee last year to helo out as I had not appreciated the work that is required behind the scenes by the committee to help run the Club smoothy.  Many hands make light work! 



Steve Fisher

Role | Committee Member

Joined The Club | My daughter joined the club in 2019. She loves the training and the competitions and has also made some great friends. I wanted to get involved a bit more so I joined the Committee this year.