About Us

Swim-IT Swimming Club are a composite community club that runs swimming lessons, cluster clubs and taster sessions for those of all ages wanting to get into swimming, a full mainstream competitive club with 4 competitive squads, a masters section and we also cater for a wide range of disabilities - either as a separate squad or, where we can, integrated within the mainstream squads.

We established the swimming lessons programme in 2013 and in 2014 constituted the competitive club affiliating with Scottish Swimming as part of the process. This enabled us to tap into the resources offered by the governing body and also to be able to enter swimmers in competitive galas.

We do things a lot different to most other clubs. Firstly we are a essentially a family run club which helps keep a level of stability in the committee, maintain consistent standards to our approach of managing the club and a much easier decision making process. We also actively promote communication with our coaches and the parents of swimmers and empower the coaches to make their own decisions. The committee is there to support the coaches not set the direction of the club.

In the short time the club has been in existence we have achieved accreditations that some clubs in 85 years have struggled to achieve. We believe this is mostly as a result of the professional way we approach and deal with issues, manage the club, the processes and structures needed to maintain a successful club.

We operate certain no tolerance policies such as bad behaviours (including the use of unacceptable language) and whilst still having fun we maintain high levels of discipline with our coaches and expect the same in return from the swimmers and parents.