Coaches Profiles

Swim-IT Swimming Club are committed to providing the best in swimming teaching and coaching standards. We offer a professional and friendly approach with all our swimmers and parents. That is why we are proud of our continued success in this arena. Have a read through the profiles of our lead coaches to see the skills levels, services and qualifications they have.

Head Coach 


Fiona is our Head Coach and she is a UKCC Level 3 qualified Swimming Teacher and Level 3 qualified Coach. She is also UKCC qualified to take most disability disciplines and has a BSc.(Hons) in Sports Development and an MSc. in Sports Coaching. This makes her the most qualified swimming coach/teacher in West Lothian and one of a very small group who can boast these qualifications in the whole of Scotland. Fiona also volunteers at Scottish Disability swim squad as a lead coach. She is also a qualified Personal Trainer.




Lead Teacher


Rachel is a UKCC Level 3 qualified Swimming Teacher and Level 3 qualified Coach. Rachel is also qualified to take disability classes, she has an HND in Sports development and has also furthered her studies in sports injuries and the treatment thereof. Rachel is UKCC Level 3 qualified in Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) therapy (a Physiotherapy protocol designed to “bring the body back into balance”). She has also completed the Connective Tissue Release (CTR) module.
Rachel offers treatment to all swimmers within the club free of charge as part of the club membership benefits. For a reduced fee, parents can also benefit from this treatment.



Disability Lead Teacher





We have a number of other teachers and coaches who work with Fiona, Rachel and Euan to help deliver our programmes.

We are always on the lookout for new talent to help in the area of both teaching/lessons and coaching (including disability). We will offer training and Fiona and Rachel also provide a full mentoring plan. This training and mentoring includes first aid/lifeguarding qualifications as we are required to have adequate lifeguarding capability on poolside at all times. Whilst these are volunteer positions we do offer an hourly rate of compensation for the time involved.

Please contact Fiona or Rachel if you are interested in a position with us.