Space in swimming pools is hard to come by. Swim-IT use a variety of different pools in order to cover all aspects of our swimming programmes.

20m School Pools
Because of the current capacity in the leasure centre pools being at a premium, we tend to hold the majority of our training in School pools. Whilst not ideal it does not necessarily hamper our swimmers and results up to national level bear this out. A drawback is there are no diving blocks.
25m Pools
From time to time we will hire pool time in a 25m pool with diving blocks and run a highly concentrated programme around starting procedures as well as allowing the swimmers to "feel" a 25m pool.
50m Pools
To give our more experienced swimmers yet another opportunity to learn what it is like we hire time at the Stirling pool. This provides the full 50m experience and also gives us additional diving/starting procedures practice.
Open Water
We are always monitoring the various open water facilities for algae and other issues and will select what we believe to be the safest venue to train in. Open water swimming is a whole different discipline and gaining experience in this form of swimming can prove invaluable.