We Need Volunteers

It takes an immense amount of effort to run a club and cannot be done effectively without the input of a team of volunteers. We regularly review the needs of the club and will communicate with parents when volunteering demands arise. 

We use volunteers for a large number of activities in order to not only make the experience your swimmers encounter with our club the best it can be but also to allow us to spread the large amount of work around thereby easing pressure on key individuals.

Volunteers are used for club and squad administration.

When we want or need to hold fundraising events, volunteers can make a massive difference to the smooth running of such an event - either as part of the organising committee, selling tickets, encouraging other parents to get involved.

Our own Gala - we held our first gala in 2019 and thanks to all the parents (and friends) who helped us on the day it was a huge success. Unfortunately we did such a good job that future galas are going to be hard to match but it is possible with the ongoing contribution of our parents. We used volunteers for runners, marshalling, table and tombola control, medals award handouts and a number of other positions throughout the day - all of which was absolutely vital to the success.

Other galas - every time we enter swimmers into a gala we are obliged as a club to contribute to the technical officals team running the gala (this includes National events). As our club grows we will be expected to contribute more and more and also the levels and types of roles will increase. To-date we have been able to get away with just providing timekeepers. In future we will be asked to start providing chief timekeepers, lane, start and stroke judges and ultimately starters, referees and other senior gala positions. This cannot be achieved without our parents being willing to step up and take these qualifications on. It should also be pointed out that, by not providing roles asked for, the club can be fined which is something we are really keen to avoid. We will be appointing a technical officials coordinator to help manage these roles and qualifications.

We also use Team Managers at galas and other outings.

We have a volunteer child protection and welfare officer. This a very important role to ensure that the club complies with all SASA requirements in this area.

In the current climate we will also be required to appoint a Covid-19 officer and a team of people to help with sanitising facilities before the swimmers arrive, during training sessions and after use. 

If you are not already involved and would like to help please get in touch with a member of the committee.