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How to Join Orpington Ojays - trial enquiries

Orpington Ojays Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club based in the London Borough of Bromley with our home pool at The Walnuts Leisure Centre in Orpington. The club has a strong history of producing competitive swimmers, and our expectations for swimmers reflect this. We pride ourselves on our ethos of continual progressive development for swimmers, this includes competing at local, County, Regional and National competitions.  


We have four different entry points to our Club

Learn to Swim

This runs on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings at Warren Road school Pool. It is open to reception age children from age 4 - 9 (children must have started school to be eligible). More details available here.


This runs on Sunday afternoons at The Walnuts main pool. This starts at an ability level of Swim England stage 4 through to the end of stage 8. It is open to new joiners up to age 9 (age8 for Tadpoles1 level). More details available here.

Bronze squad and above

For children of 8+ of a higher ability entry directly to our competitive squads is available, each squad has it's own criteria available on our website. The maximum age for entry to Bronze squad is age 11. More details for Bronze squad can be seen here. including the criteria.

Youth Development squad

For children age 10-12 on joining this provides an entry level to competitive swimming. More details available here.


We offer a trial in the most suited squad or level within the club. Trials for Learn to Swim/Tadpoles are held 1-2 times per term and squad trials are scheduled based on spaces in the squad. 


If you are interested in joining Orpington Ojays please complete the following enquiry form:

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(Please add [email protected] to your contacts or check your junk folder for replies).


For adults we have an active Masters squad and details can be found here. Enquiries should be sent via email to [email protected]