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Babs Ingram

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Babs became involved in swimming when her children learnt to swim around 2008, then was Secretary of her local club before moving to Derventio Excel. She became Chair in 2021, then took over as Chair of Derby Excel after the merger of Derventio Excel and City of Derby in April 2023.

Babs is also a member of the Derbyshire ASA Executive Committee and their Swimming Committee which organises the County Championships.

Babs is a qualified Referee and can often be seen poolside at meets.

Her son Jamie still swims, training with City of Manchester Aquatics. Jamie swam for England at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022, winning a silver medal. 



Pippa Hibbs

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Pippa joined the City of Derby Swimming Club in 2010 when her children started their competitive swimming journey. Pippa held the position of membership secretary for five years, steering a period of club growth and success. Later Pippa joined the executive committee and became the club treasurer.

In 2018 Pippa joined the committee of Derventio Excel and took on the role of club treasurer. When the two clubs merged in 2023 to form Derby Excel, Pippa was delighted to accept the role of club secretary and trustee.

You will often see Pippa poolside at swimming meets, supporting the club in her role as a licensed referee.



Nisha Bains

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Nisha joined City of Derby Swimming club at the end of 2018 where her twin daughters showed an affinity with swimming and they wanted to explore where their swimming could take them competitively. Nisha joined the committee as Treasurer of City of Derby in March 2022 and wanted to bring some diversity to swim and represent the different demographics of Derby.

When the 2 clubs merged Nisha carried on with the role of Treasurer and is a trustee. Nisha can be seen at the pool regularly while only 1 of her daughters now swims and at most gala meets at the entrance table selling raffle tickets!


Club Membership - please contact Caitlin for any general membership enquiries:

Caitlin Lewis

[email protected]

Caitlin joined City of Derby Swimming Club in 2016 when her daughter Sophia had finished swimming lessons. Sophia wanted to carry on swimming (doing what her friends next door were doing - which was club swimming with City of Derby SC). 
Seeing how much enjoyment Sophia was getting from swimming-improved skills, new friends, fitness, a sense of pride in her ability and being part of something great, Caitlin decided to ‘give back’.  Initially she was a squad rep - a parent contact for squad parents for several years.   Caitlin became a Team Manager, helping support and look after swimmers at swimming competitions. 
In 2018 Caitlin accepted the role of membership secretary and has been in the role for most of the time since then (bar a hiatus during lockdown). 
When the merger took place, Caitlin agreed to stay on as the club side membership secretary.
Since then she also has become a qualified J1 official and she enjoys seeing a different side of competitions.
Being involved at whatever level and how much, makes a huge difference to our club.  Caitlin adds "I would say to anyone who is slightly curious but maybe feeling apprehensive- come and see what volunteering is all about- you’ll always be most welcome and fully supported."


Performance Co-ordinator - for any Performance swimming or membership enquiries: 

Mike Hase

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Paraswimming Officer

Paul Hopkinson

para[email protected]

Paul has held many positions in the swimming world, starting out as a swimmer with Rykneld Swimming Club reaching Midland standard. Paul was also the East Midlands champion (15 / 16yrs) for 2 years running in the original Modern Triathlon (Running, Swimming and Air Pistol Shooting), qualifying and finishing 6th overall in the National Triathlon Championships.

After a work and parental break from the sport, he re-joined and became club chairman where his 2 children were swimmers. 

Paul has been around the poolside for many years taking on a number of roles that include technical official (Referee) and a Team Manager (Local, Regional, National and Para). 


Paul moved on to join Derventio eXcel as a committee member, taking on the role of Team Manager presenter / trainer, mentor and one of the counties 'technical officials' trainers. 

With Derby Excel, Paul continues to help train new officials, Team Managers and brings into the club links to the Para Community which we hope to promote over the years to come.


Masters Co-ordinator

Yury Bocharnikov

[email protected]

Yury joined the City of Derby swimming club as a Master swimmer in 2015 and has been training since then with the Masters squad of the City of Derby, and then Derby Excel swimming club. After the merge, the Club's chair identified the need for a dedicated member of the committee to support and coordinate the Masters squad - Yury was offered and has accepted this position within the committee. As part of this role, Yury is interfacing between the committee and the masters swimmers and generally supports the masters coach and the squad.
Yury's son is currently swimming and competing for the club. You can often see Yury competing for the club too.



Open Meet Promoters

Steve Roome

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Rachel Male


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Phil Coe

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Officials Co-ordinator

Ralph Shepherd

[email protected]

 Ralph has been a member of City of Derby SC since it formed in 1983. He has been an official all that time, and is the Derbyshire ASA's officials coordinator as well as performing this role for Derby Excel. Ralph helps organise and train officials all over the county. 

He was President of DASA 2009-10, and was East Midlands President 2014-15 representing all five counties in the region. 

Ralph is our vice President as well as being a committee member. He is Chair of the W Midlands Arena League and the current chair of the Derby and Notts Junior League. 

Away from swimming Ralph has been involved with the Scout Association since 1963, age 12! Even now he can be found manning checkpoints in the Peak District in all weathers, when over a hundred scout teams take part in a walking competition over the wild moorlands of Derbyshire.

For the past 25 years, he has helped with the Scout Stamp and deliver Christmas cards, collecting boxes at shops, delivering them to offices and posting to houses, with all proceeds going to charity. Every year he drives minibuses for younger scouts to activities held at Carsingon Reservoir. 


Volunteer Workforce Co-ordinator

Monica Monticelli

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Open Meet Entry Manager - please use this email for all Derby Excel meet entries/queries: 

Kirsty Billinge

[email protected]

 Kirsty became involved in Competitive Swimming when her son joined Lichfield Swimming Club in 2009 aged 7, and often chaperoned swimmers on poolside and also took on the role of Entries coordinator.

Kirsty moved to City of Derby in 2014, when her son moved clubs. She became a squad rep, then qualified as a Team Manager 1 and Team Manager 2, spending much time at competitions supporting the coaches and swimmers.  She has organised and attended swimcamps to Majorca (2015), Fuerteventura (2016), Greece (2017) and Organised Swimcamps to Fuerteventura (2018) and Spain (2018).  

She also took on the roles of Entries Coordinator and Gala Team

Since the merger in April 2023, Kirsty is usually found in the background either processing entries or in the AOE at meets collating results and sending them to rankings.



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Coach Liaison

Keith Kelly


Welfare Officer

Sarah Horton [email protected]


Club President

Joyce Mellor