SwimMark Club

Derby Excel Swimming Club believes that swimming is an inclusive sport and that anyone with a disability, be it either a learning or/and a physical disability, should have the opportunity to get involved in swimming.

We are a recognised hub club for disability and para-swimming, and works closely with the regional officer from Swim England to ensure that as a club we provide the best provision we can for any swimmer with a disability. Our coaches have undergone para-swimming training and this includes improving our understanding of types of disabilities, the para-swimming classification system and the para-swimming pathway from club to elite level. Our Disability Liaison Officer has considerable experience in the field of para-swimming. 

We aim to be as inclusive as possible, but we do recognise that there may be some disabilities that we cannot cater for. If this is the case, the club will do its very best to signpost you to an appropriate provider.

There are many competition opportunities at local, regional and national level for para-swimmers to access and as a club we aim to help you achieve your goals.

Our Club contact is Paul Hopkinson. Please contact Paul at  for any queries.